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Journal of Architectural Decision Records made for the project

Architectural Decision Log

This log lists the architectural decisions for wasmCloud.

Status ADR Description
Accepted 0000 Use Markdown Architectural Decision Records
Accepted 0001 Use the Actor model for WebAssembly modules
Accepted 0002 Actors are Stateless
Accepted 0003 Use NATS as the foundation for lattice
Accepted 0004 Enforce signed artifacts during OCI registry interactions
Accepted 0005 Flexible security foundation based on ed25519 PKI
Accepted 0006 Actor-to-actor calls are allowed by default
Accepted 0007 The wasmCloud Host is the smallest unit of tenancy
Accepted 0008 wasmCloud Host will not run on embedded devices w/out an OS
Accepted 0009 Use NATS JetStream for distributed cache

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